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The ARTROMOT-S4 Continuous Passive Motion shoulder machine is the result of 30 years of experience in the shoulder CPM device business and more than 3 ...

The ARTROMOT-S4 Continuous Passive Motion shoulder machine is the result of 30 years of experience in the shoulder CPM device business and more than 3 years of dedicated engineering, made in Germany.

Backed by three integrated motors, the new model from DJO Global supports the following movements:

  • Anteversion & retroversion
  • Adduction & abduction
  • Internal & external rotation
  • Extension & flexion (elevation) with extended or flexed arm
  • The combination of these motion axes enables anatomically correct PNF movements as well as the proven "wave" or undulation exercise.
  • Combined with the tried-and-tested features, such as the patient chip card and the sturdy design, the new ARTROMOT-S4 has even more therapy options to offer.
  • Touchscreen hand controller and motor controls for direct programming of motion ranges, with clear presentation and descriptive icons
  • 3 motors for all motion axes: anteversion & retroversion, adduction & abduction, internal & external rotation, extension & flexion (elevation) with extended or flexed arm
  • User guidance for easy conversion of the device for treatment of the right or left shoulder * Adaptive load reversal (reverse-on-load feature for patient safety/spasm protection), conforms automatically and sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Reinforced armrest with adjustable width and height
Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 81 × 68 × 56 cm, 19 kg Box 2: 111 × 39 × 12 cm, 11 kg Box 3: 69 × 54 × 18 cm, 9 kg
Electrical Safety Class II
IP class IP21
Pulse frequency 1 to 150 Hz
MDD Class IIa
IP class IP22
Applied part Type B
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 166 × 100 × 160 cm
Adduction/abduction 0° / 30° / 160°
Anteversion/retroversion 110° / 0° / 10°
Elevation (Ex/Flex) 0° / 30° / 160°
Internal/external rotation 90° / 0° / 90°
Isolation Enables separate exercises in all 3 directions of motion within a single treatment
Oscillation Increases motion frequency in the EROM
PNF Movements following the PNF pattern
Stretching Gently increases the range of motion
Wave Undulating movements resembling a sideways figure eight
Applied part Type B
Goniometer accuracy ±2°
Max. continuous load on motion element 13 kg
Max. continuous load on seat 175 kg
Patient height approx. 120 to 210 cm
Adaptive load reversal 5-100 % of the trigger threshold tolerance range (reverse-on-load feature for patient safety/spasm protection)
Cycles 5-20, adjustment of the Isolation, Oscillation and Stretching repetitions
Device setup Adjustment of the basic settings (e.g., date, time or language)
Direction of the undulation Adjustment of the direction of motion in Wave mode (Undulation)
Display mode Toggles between detailed view and standard view
Headrest For comfortable, optimal patient posture
Lockout functions Locks individual functions, prevents accidental adjustment changes of set parameters and facilitates operation
Motor A, B and C ON/OFF Isolated movements, exclusively abduction/adduction, anteversion/ retroversion, or internal/external rotation
Motor controls For direct range of motion input
New patient Restores the default settings for new patients
Patient chip card For storage of the therapy parameters
Pauses 0-30 seconds
Service menu For service technicians
Side conversion For easy, user guided conversion between right and left shoulder setup
Standby Adjustment of inactive drives in parked position in Isolation mode
Therapy documentation Trend graph of the therapy progress
Timer 1-59 minutes, 1-12 hours / continuous operation
Total therapy time Added sum of all therapy sessions
Transport position Moves the motors to transport position
Warm-up protocol Gradual progression to the maximum range of motion