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Training & Mobility

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    The Active-K is a motorized physiotherapy unit that delivers a unique mix of rehabilitation therapies through a single device. Combining ... Learn More
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    Indicated in the post-op treatment and rehab process of various elbow and arm conditions, the ARTROMOT-E2 offers many useful features, ... Learn More
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    ARTROMOT-SP3 offers anatomically correct motions (PNF pattern). Using the ARTROMOT-SP3 is made easy by intuitive operation of the handheld programming unit ... Learn More
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    ARTROMOT-K1 combines the best features of the time-tested ARTROMOT knee machine with state-of-the-art, trend-setting technology. ARTROMOT-K1 was developed for the demanding ... Learn More
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    HUBER® 360 features the new Multiaxis Motorized Platform. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles. Trained by ... Learn More
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