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Intelect Transport 2

Intelect Transport 2

Intelect Transport 2-Channel Electrotherapy & Ultrasound Combo

Restore Motion

Lightforce® Therapy Lasers


Deep tissue therapy lasers™

Intelect RPW 2 - Software Upgrade


New Software Release

Additional Languages • Bluetooth Connectivity • Pain Scale Upgrade

Intelect Mobile 2 - Software Upgrade

INTELECT® Mobile 2

New Software Release

Updated Waveforms • Bluetooth Connectivity • Pain Scale • and more...

VitalStim Plus

VitalStim Plus

Electrotherapy and sEMG Biofeedback System

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Chattanooga Center of Excellence Award

Chattanooga Center of Excellence

A Chattanooga Center of Excellence (CoE) is a center that is recognized for its contribution to the improvement of patient rehabilitation.

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