Exciting news! Chattanooga®, as a part of Enovis™, is delighted to announce the international commercial availability of the much-anticipated Chattanooga Intelect® Transport 2, which follows the product unveiling at the American Physical Therapy Associations (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting on February 15-17 in Boston, US.  

The Intelect Transport 2 line of electrotherapy products provides the reliability and value that only a Chattanooga product can offer. The lightweight, durable design and battery powered option provide the versatility needed to treat your patients and athletes in any professional environment. 

Based on decades of experience from the original Intelect Transport and Intelect Mobile line, Intelect Transport 2 is easy and intuitive to use and includes all of the essential features needed to get your patients moving. 

Transport 2 is powered by VMS, a Chattanooga proprietary waveform. The design of this waveform allows for greater muscle contractions1, less patient discomfort1 and decreased neural fatigue2. In the domain of electrical muscle stimulation, the choice of waveform plays a pivotal role in dictating therapeutic outcomes. VMS, with its unique alternating frequency pattern, offers several benefits over other traditional waveforms. 

For ultrasound treatments, the Transport 2’s new ultrasound applicators feature improved coupling detection and monitoring, ensuring the intended energy is delivered to the patient. 

Built on Chattanooga's legacy of reliability, the Intelect Transport 2’s ergonomically designed handle, durable yet lightweight design, and optional battery offer unmatched versatility for treating patients and athletes. Simplify your practice and #elevatepatientcare with intuitive features tailored for on-the-go treatment sessions. 

Explore how the Intelect Transport 2 can help address the everyday challenges of the modern rehabilitation clinician at https://www.chattanoogarehab.com/intelect-transport-2-combo-4778-int 


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