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VitalStim Therapy System Equipment

Learn More about VitalStim Plus Electrotherapy and sEMG Biofeedback System.

Learn More about VitalStim Therapy System.


VitalStim Plus Instructional Videos

VitalStim Plus - Introduction Video
VitalStim Plus - Channels and Remote
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Using VitalStim Mode
VitalStim Plus - VMS Mode Overview
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Using VMS Mode
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Using the Delay Feature
VitalStim Plus - sEMG Biofeedback Overview
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Using sEMG Biofeedback
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Using sEMG triggered Stimulation
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Hand Switch
VitalStim Plus Tutorial - Electrode Contact Issues


VitalStim Electrodes

Learn More about VitalStim Electrodes.


Evidence and Clinical Data

The use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the treatment of dysphagia is one of the most researched dysphagia therapy interventions. VitalStim Therapy is supported by compelling clinical data published in the peer-reviewed literature.

Click here to read more about Evidence and Clinical Data.


Official Chattanooga International Vitalstim Plus Training Course

Get trained to provide VitalStim® therapy

Chattanooga International Academy organizes VitalStim Plus training courses at multiple international locations. Completing the course is the first step to incorporating the VitalStim® Plus Therapy System in to your dysphagia rehabilitation program. 

Click here to access details about the International VitalStim Plus Training Program.

Contact Francine Van Steenkiste for more information about the International VitalStim Plus Training Program.