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Training Program

Electrical stimulation and sEMG biofeedback in the treatment of dysphagia

Course Description

This two-day course is developed by Chattanooga International Academy, an initiative of DJO Global.

The live course comprises 14 contact hours and is fully dedicated to understanding NMES and sEMG, identifying the target muscular and neural structures, the hands-on use of the device and electrode placements.

Successful completion of this two-day live course will grant a certificate of completion demonstrating that participants have received expert instruction in the integration of NMES and sEMG therapy into their dysphagia treatment.

The program offers online pre-learning webinars that are recommended to be completed prior to attending the live course. These webinars refresh the essential basics on anatomy and physiology of normal swallowing and dysphagia and incorporate a self-test exam.

Learning Objectives

Correct application of electrotherapy in dysphagia treatment is an important contributor to generating safe and successful outcomes in the use of this modality.

This course builds proficiency of the VitalStim Plus user in the hands-on use of the VitalStim Plus device, in the understanding of the anatomical target structures, in the working mechanisms of NMES & sEMG Biofeedback, and in the integration of these modalities in standard exercise therapy.

Program Highlights

  • Electrotherapy principles
  • Electrotherapy protocols for dysphagia
  • VitalStim Plus – understanding the device and all its features
  • Exercise physiology principles
  • Palpation anatomy
  • Electrode placements
  • Basic sEMG principles
  • sEMG biofeedback case labs
  • Advanced electrical stimulation applications and parameter customization

Target Audience of the Program

  • Qualified (para)medical professionals treating swallowing and voice impairments
  • Speech Language Therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Medical doctors
  • Occupational therapists


Course participants who successfully completed the training course receive a certificate of completion which officially entitles them to administer Chattanooga VitalStim Plus therapy.

Questions or Register for a Training Course

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Online Training Course And Certification

We offer an online training course on our e-learning platform

This online training covers the theory in a comprehensive 4-module course and is complemented with a clinical practice video course expaining and demonstrating hands-on application of NMES and sEMG Biofeedback with VitalStim Plus.

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